• How do I use Ural?+

    As soon as you notice any cystitis symptoms, take Ural as early as possible. This pleasant-tasting effervescent drink can help to relieve the painful, burning sensation, and you can take it up to four times daily. To use, just follow the easy directions on the pack. If your symptoms don’t improve within a couple of days, or if you feel worse, go to see your pharmacist or doctor right away. Ural shouldn’t be taken for more than five days, unless your pharmacist or doctor advises you otherwise.
  • Antibiotics are sometimes needed to treat cystitis+

    Taking Ural may help relieve your symptoms sooner than antibiotics alone, but Ural will only improve burning symptoms, not treat the cause. Therefore antibiotics are sometimes required. Ural can be used in combination with most antibiotics given for cystitis, but always ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can take Ural in combination with the particular antibiotic prescribed for you. If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, always take the full course you have been dispensed, even if you feel better before you have finished them.
  • Where do cranberry supplements fit in?+

    Cranberry supplements and unsweetened cranberry juice may help to reduce recurrence of cystitis by discouraging problem or ‘pathogenic’ bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder and urethra. Taking cranberry will not cure cystitis or other UTIs.
  • Can I take Ural on a low sodium diet?+

    All urinary alkalinisers contain sodium, which should be taken into account if you are on a low sodium diet. Ural contains 644mg sodium per sachet. Talk with your doctor if you are unsure if Ural is right for you.
  • Does Ural contain sugar or sweeteners?+

    Ural contains saccharin. It does not contain sugar.