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Cystitis is the most common type of urinary tract infection. Women are more likely to suffer from cystitis but men can get it too.

So, whether you’re suffering right now or want to help reduce your risk of getting cystitis again,
Ural now offers a range of options… so just choose your perfect match.

ural effervescent powder lemon

Effervescent powder range

Stinging, painful cystitis symptoms? Ural Effervescent Powder is a urinary alkaliniser, which means it works by reducing the acidity of urine. This lessens the painful, stinging sensation so you can get on with life.

Ural Cranberry Effervescent Powder helps support a healthy urinary tract through the added benefit of cranberries.

Packshot of Ural High Strength Cranberry Capsules (30 soft gel capsules)

Daily urinary tract support

Problems with cystitis that keeps coming back? New Ural High Strength Cranberry capsules may help to reduce the risk and frequency of cystitis and support a healthy urinary tract.

Ural High Strength Cranberry gel capsules – conveniently small, soft and easy to swallow – are designed to pack a big punch delivering a daily dose of 60,000 mg of Active Cranberry Extracts (ACE) – that’s equivalent to 60 g of fresh cranberries!