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UTI or Cystitis?

Unless you’re medically trained this may not be the first question you ask yourself when rushing back to the toilet for another painful experience.

A UTI is a general term used to describe an infection (usually bacterial) that can occur anywhere in the urinary tract (which includes the urethra, bladder, ureters and the kidneys). When a doctor diagnoses an infection of the bladder, which becomes inflamed, this is referred to as medically diagnosed cystitis which is the most common type of UTI seen in women.

Know When To Seek Help

Are you experiencing a burning feeling when you urinate? You are certainly not alone! Many women are medically diagnosed with cystitis, which is the most common form of urinary tract infection (UTI) you can have. Even though urinary tract infections are very common, treatment with antibiotics may be needed, so seek advice from your doctor.