Cystitis is usually caused when certain types of bacteria get in to the urinary tract and multiply. These bacteria can cause inflammation of the urinary tract, commonly at the urethra and the bladder.

Why did I get cystitis?

Women of all ages can get cystitis for all sorts of reasons. Women are more commonly affected due to differences in anatomy – the urethra is shorter, enabling bacteria to travel to the bladder more easily. While less common, men and children sometimes get cystitis and other UTIs as well. The prevalence of cystitis often coincides with an increase or change in sexual activity, but it’s also common in pregnant women, menopausal women, elderly people, people with diabetes, men with prostate problems, and people with a urinary catheter. Ural provides an effective UTI symptom relief and takes away that burning sensation when passing urine caused by cystitis.




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